At age 50, when I resurrected a small business I’d started in my 30’s but left due to family commitments, I was appalled at how differently I was treated than I had been in my 30s.  And all because I was a few years older.

I struggled to be taken seriously, dismissed and sometimes ignored – all because of my age

I kept my mouth shut and struggled on for about 5 years building my business. After a while, I got so fed up with the ageism I was experiencing, I launched a few platforms to build communities of like-minded women.  You can see each of the platforms in detail below.

Sadly, women in midlife are still suffering prejudice and the changes we’re looking for won’t come overnight, but by starting and growing 45NotOut, I like to think I’m helping make these changes, in some small way.

Are you ready to join the throng?


It’s a community and a library of platforms for sassy women aged 45 and over who are still serious about life, work and everything else.

But, because they are in mid-life, work and society don’t see them as the viable, vital life force that they very much are.  They are ignored, passed over and generally pushed into the shadows to be forgotten.

45 Not Out gives women aged 45 and over the opportunity to come out from the shadows to shout loudly, be recognised and be heard.

The brand exists purely to form a community for these amazing women to form a community and to gather together to get themselves heard and make changes in society.


There’s a number of platforms where you can add your voice


This is the beating heart of 45 Not Out.

The Facebook group is a closed group of a growing community of awesome, sassy women aged 45 and over – and there’s no upper age limit.It’s a completely safe space for members to kick-back, chew the cud and enjoy being in the company of mid-life women.

If you’d like to join in this amazing group, take a look at the group and ask to join here


This is another 45 Not Out platform that seeks to unite and inspire awesome, sassy women aged 45 and over.

The newsletter is published fortnightly, is free and covers all issues that affect women in this stage in life.

It has been in existence since 2021 and has built up a library of fab issues covering a whole gamut of subjects.  And I’m proud of the community that has been established through sharing advice and conversation about the things that matter to us at this stage in our lives.

You can take a look at the back issues of the newsletter here and and sign up to be one of our lovely subscribers here


This was the first of the 45 Not Out platforms – a place from which to get women’s voices heard and listened to.  The library of episodes has interviewed mid-life women (and a few men) from all sectors of society to find out what obstacles they face and what initiatives they are taking to overcome ageism and prejudice.

You can listen to the 45 Not Out podcast here


I’m a passionate writer, broadcaster and journalist who brings her passion into everything she does.

With a love for good, persuasive written words which educate, illuminate and persuade, I like to think that’s what I produce.

My overriding passion is for women in mid-life and older to be far more recognised and valued than they are currently.