From conversations I’ve had with my small but ever-growing community within the 45NotOut podcast, I began to see that a fortnightly newsletter could bridge the gap in between monthly podcast episodes.

And the flexibility of a newsletter would allow me to be more responsive to events and happenings that are relevant to this lovely, lovely demographic.

So what can you expect to see if you were to sign up for my newsletter? Well, as fits with everything I do on here, all the topics will be work and life stuff that’s relevant to women over 45 who really aren’t ready to be put out to grass, just yet.

You can expect issues such as such as empty nest syndrome, coping with menopause at work and, heaven forbid, having to look for another job when you’re aged 45 or over.

So if you like what you read, you can sign up below. The newsletter costs nothing and I’d love it if you felt you’d like to join in this awesome community of women (and a few men, bless ’em).